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Acquavite Nardini has been produced and bottled in Bassano del Grappa since 1779. At that time Bassano del Grappa was ruled by the Serenissima Republic of Venice. Three years before, Thomas Jefferson had signed the Declaration of Independence. Louis XVI still reigned tranquilly in France without even dimly imagining what would happen ten years later. The founder of Italy's most traditional distillery was Bortolo Nardini. In April of 1779 he bought an inn right next to the famous Bassano bridge over the Brenta River. The inn then became the "Grapperia Nardini". Its location was a strategic one, both for the ample water supply necessary element for the distillation process, and for the ease of reaching the region's principal markets - especially Venice - by boat. Before then grappa, the popular name for grape pomace acquavite, was made exclusively by peasants living in the Trentino and Veneto valleys. They distilled, rather haphazardly, the detritus of winemaking, the seeds, skins and stems left after the pressing. Nardini revolutionized the process and modern Italian distillation was born. Acquavite Nardini is, you could say, the mother of all grappas. With its two distilleries and the modern bottling facility, Nardini is a company which has been able to maintain its great tradition with the most advanced manufacturing technologies. This makes Nardini the leading brand of high quality grappa, with about 25% of the market and a production of around 4 million bottles which are exported to the most important countries in the world, including Australia, the United States, China and Japan. This famous distillery is part of "Les HŽnokiens", an exclusive international club which groups family companies that are 200 years old. At present, the managers of the company are Giuseppe, Cristina, Angelo, Antonio and Leonardo Nardini; they all belong to the family whose name is synonymous with higt quality Italian grappa. Nardini's basic Acquavite is a fragrant young white steam distilled grappa. The distillery also produces a more prestigious label, an Acquavite Riserva which is aged longer in oak casks and is an elegant drink destined for more sophisticated enthusiasts.
Nardini Grappa Mandorla

Nardini Grappa Mandorla

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The natural infusion of bitter almond in the grape pomace, combined with the cherry distillate, makes Nardini "Mandorla" a balanced and pleasant-tasting product. An excellent first time approach to the world of grappa.  more
Nardini Amaro Nardini Liqueur

Nardini Amaro Nardini Liqueur

Digestive after-dinner liqueur with a pleasant and distinctive liquorice finish. Can be served straight, chilled or with ice.  more

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