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L'Arco is in Vinci, a small medieval village where the famous Leonardo de Vinci was born. 20 kilometers west of Florence in the heart of the famous Chianti region. Its soil is very fertile, containing deep, resilient clay. This provides a good skeleton which nourishes the vines, enhancing their natural peculiarities. The estate covers approximately 250 acres. Half of these are vineyards which include vines of innovative varieties for the area, introduced over the years through some different experimental phases. The richness of this land represents a microcosm of incredible varieties. The soil takes on many different shades of color: white pumice, the tuff which goes from yellow to garnet red, and black volcanic stone. All these morphological differences contribute to create a unique combination of earth. Within the estate one can also find 50 acres of olive groves with 6000 trees for the production of extra virgin olive oil made with Montalbano IGP olives. Visit the L'Arco website.
L'Arco Rubeo

L'Arco Rubeo

This wine is obtained from cabernet franc, cabernet sauvignon, merlot, corvina rondinella and molinara. During the harvest the clusters are selectioned and dried on plateaux about 60 days. Original wine, a mix between traditional and international, with an intense ruby red colour, spiced bouquet, great structure and elegance. It well ... more
L'Arco Pario

L'Arco Pario

This wine is obtained from corvina, rondinella, molinara and, in very small percentages, croatina. For produce this wine, the clusters are dried on plateaux for a short period, making the wine important, particular, but at the same time of great drinkability. Ruby red coloured, tends to garnet, intense bouquet with ... more

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