There are so many fun and innovative ways to incorporate wine into your BIG day besides the typical idea--to serve it at the bar :) If you are a wine enthusiast or just love wine, like I do, check out all of these great ideas! And of course, buy your wine from RED Spirits & Wine.

Here's the list:
Wine Cork Monogram
Gather up all your corks and create your initial. Fun thought: if you start gathering early, write what each cork is from i.e. first anniversary, first trip to Paris, birthday, first date before creating.
Message in a Bottle
Either replacing your guest book or to add to cocktail hour as a fun activity for your guests. You could even write anniversaries on the bottle and ask guests to write 'well wishes' for that year or "where do you see us."

Table #'s & Personalized Labels
Incorporate wine bottles as your tables numbers. RED Spirits & Wine can help with the private labeling designs and not just table numbers, but to personalize those wine bottles, too!

Wine Favors
Use as your wine favors to give to your guests. Private labels would look great on these bottles. Could be a "bottle of love" for your guests to take home and open on a special occasion.

One of my favorite ideas!! Create all of your boutonnieres using the wine corks!

Wine Box Unity Ceremony
To incorporate into your ceremony as the unity ceremony. Have a cool wine box made, get a bottle of your favorite wine, write notes to each other, and open at a designated anniversary! During the ceremony you will both take your time to place the notes in the wine box and nail the box shut together.

Guest Book
Have unopened bottles of wine with either an anniversary or personalized labels (picture, monogram, or your names) on the them. Have guests sign the outside of the bottles as they would a guest book. Or have guests each sign a wine cork for you to save or make something out of later; maybe your monogram? :)

Decor & Photo Ops
Incorporate the bottles into your table decor or around the venue. Put florals in them, wrap with burlap, lace, or fabric. Or you could use the corks as a cool ring photo shot!