Stone's Review of 11 Pinos Wine, 2013 100% Bobal

Tonight I tried a bottle from among Red Spirits and Wine Spanish collection and was immediately struck by how the name and label inspired me. Perhaps it is in the same way the cover to a collection of fine Spanish music performed by Andre Segovia would inspire an initiate of the Spanish guitar. I love wine, and learning of and experiencing new wine(s) is really exciting. Its aroma, color, origin, are haunting and sensual, as it dances from the bottle into the glass it is as if it casts a spell before the first sip touches our lips. Aristophanes said, "Quickly, bring me a beaker of wine, so that I may wet my mind and say something clever.” In my case I did not have a beaker but a glass and a half of this wine 11 PINOS, a Bobal from Spain, so not sure I can guarantee cleverness. (Bobal is a dark-skinned grape variety planted predominantly the Eastern part of Spain and west of Valencia, third largest grape grown in the country). This wine is a Spanish seductress, that wears a ruby dress and is as easy on the eyes as it is on the tongue. Still fresh on my palate, and meandering through my mind like a baroque gavotte, I paired this beautiful bottle with an organic grass fed strip steak, organic local Brussels sprouts, organic Spanish rice, followed by a few squares of organic dark chocolate from Portland Oregon. I highlight the word "Organic," because I am a big fan of natural when it comes to the fruit of the vine, and this is as good an organic wine as I have ever tasted. The wine comes from 80 year old Bobal vines, that survived two World wars, and on the vineyard property they have 11 huge pine nut trees, hence the name 11 PINOS ~ Since 1905, the Tolosa family wine-making tradition has fostered through three generations demonstrating its bold and enterprising character, being able to combine the utmost respect for tradition with innovation. Lastly I am always in awe of how magically perfect diurnal conditions are a specialty of the Gods of wine, and this vineyard is blessed to be no exception. It is poised between two major rivers in the La Manchuela on the La Mancha mesta which is roughly 120 km from the Mediterranean. Blackberry, cherry spice, plum, tannic tenacity, and 3 months in oak make it mystically mild. It is downright, darn good old-fashioned fruit production and classical wine making practices that combine to give us this irresistibly decadent wine for a price that even the current King of Spain, Felipe VI, would have no trouble recommending to his compatriatas and wine lovers everywhere. You have to try this wine!!!

****Four Stars; Highly recommended

"it's easy to judge wine these days, for we are all armchair sommeliers" .

****Four Stars; Highly recommended
***Three Stars; strong contender, shows promise, recommended
**Two Stars; Passing grade, can only be recommend to drink with food
*One Star; Jesus couldn't turn this into drinkable wine, cooking wine only. not recommended